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Thanks for your interest and participation in PG Plate! Questions or suggestions? We'd love to hear from you at pgplate@post-gazette.com or contact us directly:

Our Advertising Team:

Troy Piekarski

Email: tpiekarski@post-gazette.com

Phone: 412-263-1776

Our Content Team:

Arthi Subramaniam

Email: asubramaniam@post-gazette.com

Phone: 412-263-1494

Twitter: @arthisub

Melissa McCart

Email: mmcart@post-gazette.com

Phone: 412-263-1930

Twitter: @melissamccart

Gretchen McKay

Email: gmckay@post-gazette.com

Phone: 412-263-1419

Twitter: @gtmckay

Dana Cizmas

Email: dana.cizmas@yahoo.com

Phone: 607-262-9105

Bob Batz Jr.

Email: bbatz@post-gazette.com

Phone: 412-263-1930

Twitter: @bobbatzjr


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